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The complete removal of an undesirable, dead or dying tree to near ground level. This can be done from the ground if the site permits, or by sectional dismantle using advanced rigging techniques.

Reducing & Reshaping

The reducing in height or spread of a trees crown by removing a certain amount (usually measured in meterage) off the ends of the branches. Maintaining the trees natural shape where possible. 


Similar to a crown reduction, however a more exaggerated option. Pollarding is where the crown of the tree is cut back to a framework, and the regrowth typically maintained on a cycle.

Thinning & Deadwood

The removal of branches allowing more light through. Deadwooding is the removal of any significant dead branches within the crown reducing the danger to people and property below.


The pruning of lower branches to create more clearance. Typically to facilitate mowing or over roads and footpaths.


The trimming and reshaping of hedges and bushes, this can sometimes include a reduction in height.

Stump Grinding

The process of removing a tree stump by use of a machine.


Not only do we remove or maintain trees, we can also provide a planting service. Making sure your trees are growing in the best environment.

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